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Getting started with Straightaway: add stops and optimize your route
Getting started with Straightaway: add stops and optimize your route

Learn how to get started with Straightaway.

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It only takes a few minutes to create a route with Straightaway, and a few seconds more to optimize it for the fastest route.

Step 1: Add all of your stops

  • On the main screen tap “Create a Route” button

  • Tap the “Start” field and set the address for the starting location

  • Tap the “End” field and set the address for the end location

  • To add stops with the camera - tap the 📷 button in the top right corner and enable your camera. Take a picture of a list of stops, shipping labels, your computer screen or anything with an address to add stops. On iOS, once you’ve taken the picture, tap the “Use Photo” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. On Android, Straightaway will automatically recognize the addresses and add them to your route.

  • To manually add stops - tap the “Add a stop” field in the top search bar. Type in the address you want to add and select it from the list of results.

  • Keep entering address or taking pictures of your stops until you’ve added all your stops

  • Note: Straightaway will allow you to reorder all of your stops for the fastest route later, so don't worry about adding your stops in order.

  • Once you’ve added all you stops, tap “Done” to complete the process setting up the route

Step 2: Optimize your route

Once you’ve added all your stops and tapped “Done”, you will see all your stops on a map. Make sure that all your stops are generally in the same area and that you don’t have any outlier stops located several thousand miles away.

To optimize your route:

  • Tap the ⠇ button and select “Optimize Order”

  • Straightaway will create the best route for you by putting your stops in the most efficient order.

  • Once your stops are optimized, you see how many minutes you saved by optimizing the route

Note: If you didn't set a start and end location, Straightaway uses your current location instead.

Step 3: Navigate to your stops

  • If you're happy with your route, tap the 'Start Route' button.

  • Your first stop will be automatically highlighted.

  • Click “Get Directions” to navigate to your first stop.

  • Straightaway has turn-by-turn navigation built into the app so there is no need to switch apps to get your stops

  • Once you arrive at the stop, click button to mark the stop complete

  • To move to the next stop, swipe left on the address to reveal the next stop

  • Repeat for your next stop

Congrats, that's all you need to know to get started with Straightaway. Give it a go!

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